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Journal Articles and Oral Presentation

  1. R&D activities on manufacturing plasma-facing unit for prototype of ITER divertor outer target in JADA
    Fusion Engineering and Design, 87, (7-8), p.1177 - 1180, 2012/08
  2. Personnel exposure in fast critical assembly(FCA)
    日本放射線安全管理学会第4回学術大会, (京都, 日本), 2005/11
  3. Radiochemical analysis for alpha-emitting nuclides containing an airborne-dust-filter
    日本放射線安全管理学会第4回学術大会, (京都, 日本), 2005/11
  4. Safe and rapid development of capillary electrophoresis for ultratrace uranyl ions in radioactive samples by way of fluorescent probe selection for actinide ions from a chemical library
    Analytica Chimica Acta, 1032, p.188 - 196, 2018/11
  5. Development of laser instrumentation devices for inner wall of high temperature piping system
    AIP Conference Proceedings 2033, p.080002_1 - 080002_5, 2018/11
  6. Extension of the Newcomb equation into the vacuum for the stability analysis of tokamak edge plasmas
    Computer Physics Communications, 175, (4), p.269 - 289, 2006/08
  7. Stratification breakup by a diffuse buoyant jet; The MISTRA HM1-1 and 1-1bis experiments and their CFD analysis
    Nuclear Engineering and Design, 331, p.162 - 175, 2018/05
  8. Development of americium-containing target; Fabrication and characterization using surrogate material
    日本原子力学会関東・甲越支部平成17年度若手研究者発表討論会, (狛江, 日本), 2005/10
  9. Preparation of reference material for analysis of uranium and plutonium using cellulose compound as a stabilizer
    日本分析化学会関東支部第2回茨城地区分析技術交流会, (東海, 日本), 2005/10
  10. Shallow and deep defect levels in SiC
    SiC及び関連ワイドギャップ半導体研究会第14回講演会, (京都, 日本), 2005/11

JAEA Reports (JAEA-Research etc.)

  1. Numerical evaluation of general n-dimensional integrals by the repeated use of Newton-Cotes formulas
    JAERI-M 92-099, 1992/07
  2. Investigation of simulated waste glass samples prepared from borosilicate glass frit including vanadium
    JAEA-Research 2018-007, 2018/11
  3. User's manual and analysis methodology of probabilistic fracture mechanics analysis code PASCAL Ver.4 for reactor pressure vessel (Contract research)
    JAEA-Data/Code 2017-015, 2018/03
  4. Mechanical properties database of reactor pressure vessel steels related to fracture toughness evaluation
    JAEA-Data/Code 2018-013, 2018/11
  5. Development of measurement system of radioactive plume using unmanned airplane in the fiscal year 2016 (Contract research)
    JAEA-Research 2017-012, 2018/03
  6. Proceedings of the International Conference on Physics of Reactors (PHYSOR 2014); September 28-October 3, 2014, Kyoto, Japan
    JAEA-Conf 2014-003, 2015/03
  7. Confirmation tests for Warm Pre-stress (WPS) effect in reactor pressure vessel steel (Contract research)
    JAEA-Research 2017-018, 2018/03
  8. None
    PNC-TN8510 92-006, 1992/12
  9. On the Inveres Kinematics of a Manipulator (The Inverse Jacobian Method and Treatment at Singular Points)
    JAERI-M 86-123, 1986/08
  10. None
    PNC-TN8440 94-013, 1994/03

Top 10 Downloads last 30 days

Journal Articles and Oral Presentation

  1. What's about "application document for the Permission of Reactor Installment License"
    AA20110510, 2011/11, (1.41MB)
  2. Simulation of the fracture behavior of zircaloy-4 cladding under reactivity-initiated accident conditions with a damage mechanics model combined with fuel performance codes FEMAXI-7 and RANNS
    AA20130436, 2014/02, (3.87MB)
  3. Atmospheric discharge and dispersion of radionuclides during the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, 2; Verification of the source term and analysis of regional-scale atmospheric dispersion
    AA20110927, 2012/10, (5.35MB)
  4. Overview; Rethinking the grey literature's definition
    AA20110802, 2012/02, (0.41MB)
  5. Fate of radiocesium in freshwater aquatic plants and algae in the vicinity of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
    AA20150204, 2016/04, (3.47MB)
  6. Decontamination pilot projects; Building a knowledge base for Fukushima environmental remediation
    BB20121675, 2013/10, (1.19MB)
  7. Experimental studies on the upward fuel discharge for elimination of severe recriticality during core-disruptive accidents in sodium-cooled fast reactors
    AA20130469, 2014/09, (1.18MB)
  8. Electronic structure and correlation in $$beta$$-Ti$$_3$$O$$_5$$ and $$lambda$$-Ti$$_3$$O$$_5$$ studied by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
    AA20170038, 2017/02, (0.98MB)
  9. Three-dimensional nuclear chart; Understanding nuclear physics and nucleosynthesis in star
    AA20130602, 2014/03, (3.5MB)
  10. Effect of remediation parameters on in-air ambient dose equivalent rates when remediating open sites with radiocesium-contaminated soil
    AA20150584, 2016/10, (0.84MB)

JAEA Reports (JAEA-Research etc.)

  1. Feasibility study on commercialized fast reactor cycle systems technical study report of phase II, 2; Nuclear fuel cycle systems
    JAEA-Research 2006-043, 2006/06, (43.84MB)

  2. The Development of the basic dismantling procedure of the reactor of FUGEN
    JAEA-Technology 2015-046, 2016/03, (85.22MB)

  3. Assessment report of research and development activities; Activity "Fusion Research and Development" (Interim report)
    JAEA-Evaluation 2010-004, 2010/10, (67.01MB)

  4. None
    JNC-TN8410 99-022, 1999/07, (46.42MB)

  5. None
    JNC-TN1400 2001-006, 2001/10, (51.19MB)

  6. None
    JNC-TY1400 2005-013, 2005/09, (49.28MB)

  7. Safety requirements expected to the prototype fast breeder reactor "Monju"
    JAEA-Evaluation 2014-005, 2014/11, (134.4MB)

  8. Feasibility study on commercialized fast reactor cycle systems; Phase II final report
    JAEA-Evaluation 2006-002, 2006/07, (42.95MB)

  9. None
    PNC-TN8430 93-003, 1993/08, (14.73MB)

  10. Feasibility Study on Commercialization of Fast Breeder Reactor Cycle Systems Interim Report of Phase II; Technical Study Report for Reactor Plant Systems
    JNC-TN9400 2004-035, 2004/06, (76.42MB)