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Journal Articles and Oral Presentation

  1. R&D activities on manufacturing plasma-facing unit for prototype of ITER divertor outer target in JADA
    Fusion Engineering and Design, 87, (7-8), p.1177 - 1180, 2012/08
  2. Applied example MCNP5 on ambient dose evaluation from nuclear facility
    日本原子力学会2016年春の年会, (仙台, 日本), 2016/03
  3. Three-dimensional cooling pattern of a granitic pluton, 2; The Study of deuteric sub-solidus reactions in the Toki granite, Central Japan
    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences, 106, (3), p.130 - 141, 2011/06
  4. Status of decommissioning of the Plutonium Fuel Fabrication Facility and R&Ds of dismantling technologies for gloveboxes
    Dekomisshoningu Giho, (52), p.45 - 54, 2015/09
  5. Reactivity of a spin trapping agent, CYPMPO, toward water decomposition radicals
    第46回アイソトープ・放射線研究発表会, (東京, 日本), 2009/07
  6. Evolution of the excavation damaged zone around a modelled disposal pit; Case study at the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory, Japan
    Proceedings of 13th SEGJ International Symposium (USB Flash Drive), 5 Pages2018/11
  7. The Influences of Pu and Zr on the melting temperatures of the UO$$_{2}$$-PuO$$_{2}$$-ZrO$$_{2}$$ pseudo-ternary system
    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 52, (10), p.1247 - 1252, 2015/10
  8. Examinations of fuel debris samples from Three Mile Island Unit 2
    Enerugi To Doryoku, 62, (279), p.1 - 7, 2012/11
  9. Irradiation effects on MgB$$_{2}$$ bulk samples and formation of columner defects on high-Tc supercoductor
    Physica C, 382, (1), p.104 - 107, 2002/10
  10. Summary of 3GeVRCS control system, 2
    Proceedings of 2nd Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan and 30th Linear Accelerator Meeting in Japan, p.531 - 533, 2005/07

JAEA Reports (JAEA-Research etc.)

  1. Numerical evaluation of general n-dimensional integrals by the repeated use of Newton-Cotes formulas
    JAERI-M 92-099, 1992/07
  2. Nuclear data processing code FRENDY version 1
    JAEA-Data/Code 2018-014, 2019/01
  3. Proceedings of the International Conference on Physics of Reactors (PHYSOR 2014); September 28-October 3, 2014, Kyoto, Japan
    JAEA-Conf 2014-003, 2015/03
  4. Development of fuel performance code FEMAXI-8; Model improvements for light water reactor fuel analysis and systematic validation
    JAEA-Data/Code 2018-016, 2019/01
  5. None
    PNC-TN8510 92-006, 1992/12
  6. Analysis of Case with Change of Density of Buffer Material by Extrusion Behavior to Use Diffusion Model
    JNC-TN8400 2005-009, 2005/06
  7. Experimental evaluation on position estimation of mobile robot by the combined use of odometry and gyro
    JAERI-Research 97-033, 1997/05
  8. Study on residual radioactivity measurement method for site release of nuclear facilities; In-situ radioactivity measurement test with the use of portable Ge semiconductor detector (Contract research)
    JAEA-Technology 2011-025, 2011/09
  9. Nuclear criticality safety handbook, 2
    JAERI 1340, 1999/03
  10. Progress of general control system for Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility at J-PARC
    JAEA-Technology 2018-011, 2019/01

Top 10 Downloads last 30 days

Journal Articles and Oral Presentation

  1. Groundwater flow modeling in construction phase of the Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory project
    AA20150210, 2016/01, (4.75MB)
  2. What's about "application document for the Permission of Reactor Installment License"
    AA20110510, 2011/11, (1.41MB)
  3. Simulation of the fracture behavior of zircaloy-4 cladding under reactivity-initiated accident conditions with a damage mechanics model combined with fuel performance codes FEMAXI-7 and RANNS
    AA20130436, 2014/02, (3.87MB)
  4. Characterization of rare earth elements (REEs) associated with suspended particles in deep granitic groundwater and their post-closure behavior from a simulated underground facility
    AA20170090, 2017/05, (2.35MB)
  5. Overview; Rethinking the grey literature's definition
    AA20110802, 2012/02, (0.41MB)
  6. Three-dimensional nuclear chart; Understanding nuclear physics and nucleosynthesis in star
    AA20130602, 2014/03, (3.5MB)
  7. Catchment-scale distribution of radiocesium air dose rate in a mountainous deciduous forest and its relation to topography
    AA20140585, 2015/09, (2.18MB)
  8. Experience gained from the Fukushima-Daiichi accident as input for developing a technical knowledge base including remediation technologies
    AA20150380, 2015/11, (1.64MB)
  9. Selective cesium removal from radioactive liquid waste by crown ether immobilized new class conjugate adsorbent
    AA20140217, 2014/08, (0.96MB)
  10. New liquid-liquid extraction apparatus; "Emulsion-flow" extractor
    AA20170526, 2017/11, (2.29MB)

JAEA Reports (JAEA-Research etc.)

  1. Sodium Technology Handbook
    JNC-TN9410 2005-011, 2005/09, (46.9MB)

  2. None
    PNC-TN841 78-52, 1978/09, (42.62MB)

  3. Feasibility study on commercialized fast reactor cycle systems; Phase II final report
    JAEA-Evaluation 2006-002, 2006/07, (42.95MB)

  4. Precise topographic analysis using 10m grid DEM in the Horonobe area
    JAEA-Data/Code 2014-005, 2014/05, (33.23MB)

  5. Basic researches for understanding of the generation and evolution of fracture systems in granitic rocks(FY2002)
    JNC-TJ7400 2005-053, 2003/03, (36.66MB)

  6. Corroborative tests for Oarai Waste Reduction Treatment Facility using the in-can type high frequency induction heating method
    JAEA-Technology 2015-059, 2016/03, (51.53MB)

  7. Feasibility study on commercialized fast reactor cycle systems technical study report of phase II, 2; Nuclear fuel cycle systems
    JAEA-Research 2006-043, 2006/06, (43.84MB)

  8. JNC Technical Review No.21 ex
    JNC-TN1340 2004-004, 2004/12, (23.69MB)

  9. JAEA Takasaki annual report 2006
    JAEA-Review 2007-060, 2008/03, (54.09MB)

  10. JNC Technical Review No.16
    JNC-TN1340 2002-002, 2002/09, (41.14MB)