Vaporization behaviour of Pu-Cd intermetallic compounds
中島 邦久; 中園 祥央; 荒井 康夫
Nakajima, Kunihisa; Nakazono, Yoshihisa; Arai, Yasuo
A pyrochemical process for the metallurgical treatment of the spent nuclear fuels contains the Cd-distillation step, where Pu is recovered as a residue. For understanding this Cd-ditillation behavior the samples of PuCd$$_{2}$$+PuCd$$_{4}$$ and PuCd$$_{4}$$+PuCd$$_{6}$$ were prepared and Knudsen-cell mass-spectrometric measurements were carried out to determine the vapour pressures of Cd(g) over these samples. Further,the thermodynamic quantities of PuCd$$_{2}$$ and PuCd$$_{4}$$ were evaluated from these vapour pressures.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Recent Advances in Actinide Science
ページ数 : p.448 - 450
発行年月 : 2006/06
出版社名 : RSC Publishing
発表会議名 : International Conference on Actinides 2005
開催年月 : 2005/07
開催都市 : Manchester
開催国 : U. K.
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キーワード : Plutonium; Cadmium; Knudsen Cell; Vaporization Behavior; Intermetallic Compounds
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論文投稿番号 : 1432
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