Properties of minor actinide compounds relevant to nuclear fuel technology
湊 和生; 高野 公秀; 西 剛史; 伊藤 昭憲; 赤堀 光雄
Minato, Kazuo; Takano, Masahide; Nishi, Tsuyoshi; Ito, Akinori; Akabori, Mitsuo
To reduce the radiotoxicity of the high-level waste and to use the repository efficiently, recycling of minor actinides (MA: Np, Am, Cm) as well as plutonium is an option for the future nuclear fuel cycle. For MA-bearing fuel development, new facilities with inert atmosphere were installed and the thermal properties of minor actinide compounds, especially nitrides and oxides, were measured. Minor actinide nitrides were prepared by carbothermic reduction of the oxides. Lattice parameter and its thermal expansion were measured by high-temperature X-ray diffraction, and thermal diffusivity by laser flash method.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Recent Advances in Actinide Science
ページ数 : p.317 - 322
発行年月 : 2006/06
出版社名 : RSC Publishing
発表会議名 : International Conference on Actinides 2005
開催年月 : 2005/07
開催都市 : Manchester
開催国 : U. K.
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キーワード : Minor Actinide; Fuel; Thermal Property; Nitride; Oxide; Lattice Parameter; Thermal Diffusivity
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受委託・共同研究相手機関 : 日本原子力発電文部科学省
登録番号 : B20050555
抄録集掲載番号 : 34001148
論文投稿番号 : 1314
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