Hydraulic tomography in fractured granite; The Mizunami Underground Research Site, Japan
亀裂性花崗岩を対象とした水圧トモグラフィ; 瑞浪超深地層研究所周辺での解析例
Illman, W.*; Liu, X.*; 竹内 真司; Yeh, J.*; 安藤 賢一*; 三枝 博光
Illman, W.*; Liu, X.*; Takeuchi, Shinji; Yeh, J.*; Ando, Kenichi*; Saegusa, Hiromitsu
Two large-scale cross-hole pumping tests were conducted at separate locations in deep boreholes at the Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory (MIU) construction site in central Japan. We analyze the two cross-hole tests using the transient hydraulic tomography (THT) code to compute the hydraulic conductivity ($$K$$) and specific storage ($$S$$$$_{s}$$) tomograms, as well as their uncertainties in three-dimensions. The equivalent $$K$$ and $$S$$$$_{s}$$ obtained using asymptotic analysis served as the initial parameter estimates for the 3D stochastic inverse modeling effort. Results show several, distinct high $$K$$ and low $$S$$$$_{s}$$ zones that are continuous over hundreds of meters, which appear to delineate fault zones and their connectivity. The THT analysis of the tests also identified a low $$K$$ zone which corresponds with a known fault zone trending NNW and has been found to compartmentalize groundwater flow at the site. These results corroborate well with several hydrogeological phenomena around the site.
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