Effect of oxide ions on separation factors of actinides from lanthanides in reductive extraction
森山 裕丈*; 森谷 公一*; 戸田 太郎*; 林 博和
Moriyama, Hirotake*; Moritani, Kimikazu*; Toda, Taro*; Hayashi, Hirokazu
溶融塩と液体金属を用いた還元抽出系であるNaCl-KCl/液体Ga系(1073K)において、Am, Ce及びEuの分配係数を測定した。溶質濃度を変化させた実験結果より、分配係数は系内の酸化物イオン濃度に強く影響され、AmO$$^+$$やCeO$$^+$$などが生成することが示唆された。また、Amのマスバランスは酸化塩化物や酸化物といった沈殿物の生成に影響されることが示された。これらを考慮に入れると、この系におけるAmとCeの分離係数は下限値として約30と評価された。
The distribution coefficients of Am, Ce, and Eu between the salt and metal phases were measured at 1073 K in a reductive extraction system of equimolar NaCl-KCl melt and liquid Ga, which were expected to be higher from a thermodynamic point of view. By changing some solute concentrations, it was observed that the distribution coefficients were much dependent on the oxide ion concentration in the system, possibly due to the formation of such compounds as AmO$$^+$$ and CeO$$^+$$. Also, in some runs, the mass balance of Am was affected possibly by the formation and precipitation of its oxychloride and/or oxide. By taking the observations into consideration, the separation factor between Am and Ce was obtained to be about 30 as a lower limit in the present system.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Radiochimica Acta
: 97
: 4-5
ページ数 : p.233 - 236
発行年月 : 2009/05
出版社名 : Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag
発表会議名 : Plutonium Futures; The Science 2008
開催年月 : 2008/07
開催都市 : Dijon
開催国 : France
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分野:Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear
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