U-Pu-Zr metal fuel fabrication for irradiation test at JOYO
中村 勤也*; 加藤 徹也*; 尾形 孝成*; 中島 邦久; 岩井 孝; 荒井 康夫
Nakamura, Kinya*; Kato, Tetsuya*; Ogata, Takanari*; Nakajima, Kunihisa; Iwai, Takashi; Arai, Yasuo
The first irradiation campaign of U-Pu-Zr metal fuel in Japan is planned in the experimental fast reactor JOYO. In the fabrication of U-Pu-Zr fuel, two methods were adopted for preparing U-Pu alloy from the oxide; one is the electrochemical reduction and the other is the electrorefining followed by reductive extraction. Injection casting for U-Pu-Zr slug was carried out after adding U and Zr metals to meet the target specifications of the irradiated fuel. Several conditions of Na-bonding process were determined from the results of tests using simulated metal fuel pins. Based on these results, six U-Pu-Zr fuel pins for the irradiation tests are now being fabricated.
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発表会議名 : International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles (FR 2009)
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