Separation factor of americium from cerium in molten chloride-liquid gallium reductive extraction system
戸田 太郎*; 丸山 雄大*; 森谷 公一*; 森山 裕丈*; 林 博和
Toda, Taro*; Maruyama, Takehiro*; Moritani, Kimikazu*; Moriyama, Hirotake*; Hayashi, Hirokazu
The distribution coefficients of Am and Ce were measured in the eutectic LiCl-KCl/liquid Ga system at 773K. By using ZrCl$$_4$$ as the oxide ion scavenger in order to avoid the formation of such oxychlorides as MO$$^{(n-2)+}$$, the effect of oxide ion concentration was well controlled on the distribution coefficients of Am and Ce. The separation factor between Am and Ce was then obtained to be about 100. By comparing the present value with the other experimental and the predicted ones, it was confirmed that the Ga system was more selective than the Bi and Cd system.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : 電気化学及び工業物理化学
: 77
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ページ数 : p.649 - 651
発行年月 : 2009/08
出版社名 : 電気化学会
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