Fundamental research on behavior of helium in MA-bearing oxide fuel
荒井 康夫; 芹澤 弘幸; 中島 邦久; 高野 公秀; 佐藤 勇; 勝山 幸三; 秋江 拓志; 鈴木 元衛; 白数 訓子; 芳賀 芳範; 赤堀 光雄
Arai, Yasuo; Serizawa, Hiroyuki; Nakajima, Kunihisa; Takano, Masahide; Sato, Isamu; Katsuyama, Kozo; Akie, Hiroshi; Suzuki, Motoe; Shirasu, Noriko; Haga, Yoshinori; Akabori, Mitsuo
High amount of He is generated in MA-bearing fuel during irradiation and storage periods compared with that in U or U-Pu fuel. Laboratory scale experiments, post irradiation examinations and modeling study were carried out in order to understand the He behavior in MA-bearing oxide fuel. Diffusion characteristics of He in single-crystal UO$$_{2}$$ were investigated by the Knudsen effusion mass spectrometry. Effects of the He accumulation on lattice and bulk expansion of oxide pellets were examined by use of alpha-decay of $$^{244}$$Cm. Post irradiation examinations of 0.5%Am-MOX fuel irradiated at a fast test reactor JOYO were carried out, concentrating on the He behavior in the fuel pellets. A model describing the He behavior in MA-MOX fuel was constructed based on the principle processes, such as generation, diffusion, equilibrium and release to outer gaseous phase. By use of the model as a subroutine of a conventional fuel behavior analysis code, the He behavior in MA-MOX fuel for fast reactors was simulated.
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掲載資料名 : Proceedings of International Conference on Toward and Over the Fukushima Daiichi Accident (GLOBAL 2011) (CD-ROM)
ページ数 : 8 Pages
発行年月 : 2011/12
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発表会議名 : International Conference on Toward and Over the Fukushima Daiichi Accident (GLOBAL 2011)
開催年月 : 2011/12
開催都市 : Chiba
開催国 : Japan
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