PHITS simulation of quasi-monoenergetic neutron sources from $$^7$$Li($$p$$,$$n$$) reactions
橋本 慎太郎; 岩本 修; 岩元 洋介; 佐藤 達彦; 仁井田 浩二*
Hashimoto, Shintaro; Iwamoto, Osamu; Iwamoto, Yosuke; Sato, Tatsuhiko; Niita, Koji*
Accelerator-based neutron sources using proton- and deuteron-induced reactions have been utilized for scientific and medical applications, such as irradiation testing of fusion reactor materials at IFMIF and BNCT. Quasi-monoenergetic neutron beams using $$^7$$Li($$p$$,$$n$$)$$^7$$Be are of special importance for calibrating a detector and measuring cross sections for neutron induced reactions. PHITS can deal with the transport of incident protons as well as secondary neutrons using various physics models, and it can estimate particle fluxes in the beam line and energy deposition in shielding materials. Therefore, PHITS is a useful code for neutron source design in accelerator facilities. However, nuclear reaction models implemented in PHITS, such as INC, were not enough to reproduce the peak structure in neutron spectra of experimental data, since these models do not consider the transition process of $$^7$$Li($$p$$,$$n$$)$$^7$$Be. We have developed a new option that adds peaks obtained by the DWBA method, which gives cross sections of the transition on the basis of quantum mechanics, to results calculated by the INC model. We had applied this option to estimate neutron spectra in the reactions at incident energies below 50 MeV. Results of the INC model using the option had been in good agreement with experimental data. In this study, we extended the applicable incident energy range up to 400 MeV for the $$^7$$Li($$p$$,$$xn$$) reactions. We will show the comparison between the calculated result and experimental data, and discuss the validity of the option for the reactions.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Energy Procedia
: 71
ページ数 : p.191 - 196
発行年月 : 2015/05
出版社名 : Elsevier
発表会議名 : 4th International Symposium on Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems (INES-4)
開催年月 : 2013/11
開催都市 : Tokyo
開催国 : Japan
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