Studies of silver photo diffusion dynamics in Ag/Ge$$_{x}$$S$$_{1-x}$$ ($$x$$=0.2 and 0.4) films using neutron reflectometry
Ag/Ge$$_{x}$$S$$_{1-x}$$($$x$$=0.2 and 0.4)薄膜の銀光拡散に関する中性子反射率測定による解析
坂口 佳史*; 朝岡 秀人; 魚住 雄輝; 川北 至信; 伊藤 崇芳*; 久保田 正人; 山崎 大; 曽山 和彦; Ailavajhala, M.*; Latif, R.*; Mitkova, M.*
Sakaguchi, Yoshifumi*; Asaoka, Hidehito; Uozumi, Yuki; Kawakita, Yukinobu; Ito, Takayoshi*; Kubota, Masato; Yamazaki, Dai; Soyama, Kazuhiko; Ailavajhala, M.*; Latif, R.*; Mitkova, M.*
We report our recent results of neutron reflectivity measurements for Ag/a-Ge $$_{x}$$S$$_{1-x}$$ (x=0.2, 0.4) films under light illumination. The neutron reflectivity measurements have been performed on a polarized neutron reflectometer (BL17, SHARAKU) at Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC), Japan. By using the time-of flight instrument with intensive pulsed neutrons produced by 300kW proton beams, time evolution of the neutron reflectivity under a light illumination has been revealed, with at least 2-min time resolution. From the detailed analysis, it was found for Ag 50nm/Ge $$_{40}$$S $$_{60}$$ 150nm films under a light illumination from the Ag layer side that there are two types of diffusion processes: a fast change observed in the first 10 min after illumination using a xenon lamp, which is then followed by a slow change observed after a 1 hour of additional light exposure. The result indicates that there is a comparatively stable (metastable) state in the Ag-doped Ge $$_{40}$$S $$_{60}$$ layer in terms of Ag composition, and the next silver diffusion process occurs by affecting the Ag-doped Ge $$_{40}$$S $$_{60}$$ layer / interface. This coincides with the Ge $$_{40}$$S $$_{60}$$ results of Wagner et al. obtained for Ag/As-S films. These results are also in accord with the results reported by some of us by modeling of the Ag transport in Ge-Se glass showing the presence of slow and fast moving Ag ions. Our result demonstrated that the idea of a two-step reaction process can be applied to Ge-chalcogenide system. We also discuss illumination-side dependence and Ge-composition dependence of reaction process.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Canadian Journal of Physics
: 92
: 7/8
ページ数 : p.654 - 658
発行年月 : 2014/07
出版社名 : Canadian Science Publishing
発表会議名 : 25th International Conference on Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors (ICANS-25)
開催年月 : 2013/08
開催都市 : Toronto
開催国 : Canada
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分野:Physics, Multidisciplinary
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