Preliminary conceptual design of the secondary sodium circuit-eliminated JSFR (Japan Sodium Fast Reactor) adopting a supercritical CO$$_{2}$$ turbine system, 1; Sodium/CO$$_{2}$$ heat exchanger
超臨界炭酸ガスタービンシステムを採用した2次系削除JSFR(Japan Sodium Fast Reactor)の概念検討,1; ナトリウム/炭酸ガス熱交換器
木曽原 直之; 阪本 善彦; 小竹 庄司*
Kisohara, Naoyuki; Sakamoto, Yoshihiko; Kotake, Shoji*
JAEA has performed a design study of an S-CO$$_{2}$$ gas turbine system applied to the JSFR. In this study, the S-CO$$_{2}$$ cycle turbine system was directly connected to the primary sodium system of the JSFR to eliminate the secondary sodium circuit, aiming for further economical improvement. The Na/CO$$_{2}$$ heat exchanger is one of the key components, and this report describes its structure and the safety in case of CO$$_{2}$$ leak. A Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger (PCHE) is employed to the heat exchanger. A SiC/SiC ceramic composite material is used for the PCHE to prevent crack growth and to reduce thermal stress. The Na/CO$$_{2}$$ heat exchanger has been designed in such a way that a number of small heat transfer modules are combined in the vessel in consideration of manufacture and repair. CO$$_{2}$$ leak events in the heat exchanger have been also evaluated, and it revealed that no significant effect has arisen on the core or the primary sodium boundary.
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