Preliminary conceptual design of the secondary sodium circuit-eliminated JSFR (Japan Sodium Fast Reactor) adopting a supercritical CO$$_{2}$$ turbine system, 2; Turbine system and plant size
超臨界炭酸ガスタービンシステムを採用した2次系削除JSFR(Japan Sodium Fast Reactor)の概念検討,2; タービンシステムとプラントサイズ
木曽原 直之; 阪本 善彦; 小竹 庄司*
Kisohara, Naoyuki; Sakamoto, Yoshihiko; Kotake, Shoji*
JAEA has performed a design study of an S-CO$$_{2}$$ gas turbine system applied to the JSFR. In this study, the S-CO$$_{2}$$ cycle turbine system was directly connected to the primary sodium system of the JSFR to eliminate the secondary sodium circuit, aiming for further economical improvement. This report describes the system configuration, heat/mass balance, and main components of the S-CO$$_{2}$$ turbine system, based on the JSFR specifications. The layout of components and piping in the reactor and turbine buildings were examined and the dimensions of the buildings were estimated. The study has revealed that the reactor and turbine buildings could be reduced by 7% and 40%, respectively, in comparison with those in the existing JSFR design with the secondary sodium circuit employing the steam turbine. The cycle thermal was also calculated as 41.9-42.3%, which is nearly the same as that of the JSFR with the water/steam system.
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発行年月 : 2014/09
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