Thermal expansion and self-irradiation damage in curium nitride lattice
高野 公秀; 林 博和; 湊 和生
Takano, Masahide; Hayashi, Hirokazu; Minato, Kazuo
A powder sample of curium nitride (CmN) containing 0.35%-PuN and 3.59%-AmN was prepared by carbothermic nitridation of the oxide. The lattice expansion induced by self-irradiation damage at room temperature was measured as a function of time. The saturated $$Delta$$a/a$$_{0}$$ value was 0.43%, which is greater than those for transuranium dioxides available in literature. The undamaged lattice parameter at 297$$pm$$1 K was determined to be 0.50261$$pm$$0.00006 nm. Temperature dependence of the lattice parameter was measured by a high temperature X-ray diffractometer in the temperature range up to 1375 K. The linear thermal expansion of the lattice from 293 to 1273 K is 0.964% and the corresponding thermal expansion coefficient is 9.84 $$times$$ 10$$^{-6}$$ K$$^{-1}$$. Comparing with the other actinide nitrides, it was found that CmN lies between the higher expansion nitrides (PuN and AmN) and the lower expansion nitrides (UN and NpN).
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Journal of Nuclear Materials
: 448
: 1-3
ページ数 : p.66 - 71
発行年月 : 2014/05
出版社名 : Elsevier
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分野:Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
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