Reconfirmation of facilities/instruments integrity by cold test of HTTR
小野 正人; 篠原 正憲; 飯垣 和彦; 栃尾 大輔; 中川 繁昭; 島崎 洋祐
Ono, Masato; Shinohara, Masanori; Iigaki, Kazuhiko; Tochio, Daisuke; Nakagawa, Shigeaki; Shimazaki, Yosuke
In HTTR, it has passed about two years since the last performance confirmation test. During two years, the integrity of active equipment, leakage efficiency of coolant pressure boundary of piping and vessel and control system performance due to influence of damage and deterioration by earthquake and aging were not confirmed. To confirm them, the cold test by using HTTR was conducted and the system performances such as above mentioned items were evaluated by comparing with the plant data obtained by the past cold test. In the result, no abnormity was found in all the data in the cooling system of HTTR, and it was confirmed that the integrity of facilities and instruments of HTTR was maintained in good condition.
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報告書番号 : JAEA-Technology 2013-042
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発行年月 : 2014/01
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