Radioactivity analysis of metal samples taken from pipes of the Fugen, 3
Haraga, Tomoko; Tobita, Minoru*; Takahashi, Shigemi*; Sakatani, Keiichi; Ishimori, Kenichiro; Takahashi, Kuniaki
Fugen Nuclear Power Station was shut down and now is under decommissioning. Many radioactivity concentration data of dismantled materials have to be accumulated to calculate the scaling factors of radioactive wastes and verify that the cleared dismantled materials conform to the clearance levels. A simple and rapid radioactivity determination method for radioactive waste samples was developed in Nuclear Cycle Backend Directorate. For the demonstration, the simple and rapid radioactivity determination method was applied to metal samples, which were taken from dismantled pipes of Fugen. This report summarizes the radioactivity data obtained from the analysis of those samples.
Language : Japanese
Report No. : JAEA-Data/Code 2014-007
Pages : 52 Pages
Publication Year/Month : 2014/06
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