Evaluation of fracture resistance of ruptured, oxidized, and quenched Zircaloy cladding by four-point-bend tests
大和 正明; 永瀬 文久; 天谷 政樹
Yamato, Masaaki; Nagase, Fumihisa; Amaya, Masaki
To evaluate fracture resistance of LWR fuel rods under LOCA and post-LOCA cooling conditions, four-point-bend tests were performed on non-irradiated Zircaloy cladding samples that were ruptured, oxidized in high-temperature steam, and quenched in flooding water. The bend test methodology was designed to apply a uniform bending moment to the entire rupture region and to generate tensile stress on the ruptured side. The fracture bending moment of the cladding decreased with oxidation temperature and hydrogen concentration as well as oxidation amount. Comparison with bending moments estimated from design basis seismic ground motion indicated that the cladding is unlikely to be fractured by seismic loads during post-LOCA cooling if high-temperature oxidation is kept below 15% ECR, the oxidation limit of the Japanese LOCA criteria.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology
: 51
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ページ数 : p.1125 - 1132
発行年月 : 2014/09
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: 冷却材喪失事故後の燃料被覆管の強度を調べる; 4点曲げ試験による破裂・急冷後の被覆管強度評価[/]
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