Outline of device to confirm the responsiveness of control systems for HTTR
本間 史隆; 平戸 洋次; 齋藤 賢司
Homma, Fumitaka; Hirato, Yoji; Saito, Kenji
After an accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, the High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR) should be kept shut-down till adaptability to the new nuclear safety regulation established by the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) will be confirmed. However, we have to keep the operational ability for the HTTR is indispensable. The operation training for the HTTR using the simulator of light water reactors is not effective. Because the HTTR is the only test reactor in the world and one has many characteristics different from light water reactors. It is an urgent problem to utilize the device which confirms the responsiveness of the control systems for the HTTR (simulator) as a simulator for operation training. This report shows specifications of device, results of simulation and the matter which we should carry out in future.
使用言語 : Japanese
報告書番号 : JAEA-Technology 2014-010
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発行年月 : 2014/05
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