Signal evaluations using singular value decomposition for Thomson scattering diagnostics
東條 寛; 山田 一博*; 安原 亮*; 谷塚 英一; 舟場 久芳*; 波多江 仰紀; 林 浩*; 伊丹 潔
Tojo, Hiroshi; Yamada, Ichihiro*; Yasuhara, Ryo*; Yatsuka, Eiichi; Funaba, Hisamichi*; Hatae, Takaki; Hayashi, Hiroshi*; Itami, Kiyoshi
In incoherent Thomson scattering diagnostics, stray light of the incident laser, which is frequently generated at the vacuum windows, also causes wrong evaluations of the signal intensities. Because the laser goes through the vacuum windows many times in a double-pass (or multi-pass) scattering system, complicate temporal structures can be seen in the output signals. In this paper, Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is applied to the output signals in a Thomson scattering diagnostic on Large Helical Device (LHD). The analyzed data were all measured signals for each one spectral channel over one plasma shot. Some noises were filtered and Te was evaluated within good accuracies especially in the second pass (forward scattering). We compared the errors in Te (0.8 - 1.3 keV) from the noise-filtered and from non-filtered data. Use of the filtered data enables suppressing the error in Te measured from the second pass by a factor of $$sim$$ 0.5 at the most.
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掲載資料名 : Review of Scientific Instruments
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発行年月 : 2014/11
出版社名 : American Institute of Physics
発表会議名 : 20th Topical Conference on High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics (HTPD 2014)
開催年月 : 2014/06
開催都市 : Atlanta
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: プラズマ計測でのノイズ効果軽減の新しい手法; 往復するレーザー光による信号を分離[/]
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