Preliminary analysis of dipole tracer migration experiments in fractured sedimentary rock at Horonobe URL of Japan
横田 秀晴; 田中 真悟
Yokota, Hideharu; Tanaka, Shingo
For understanding mass transport mechanism in the rock as natural barrier, ${it in-situ}$ dipole tracer migration experiments were implemented for a fracture in mudstone of Wakkanai Formation at the G.L.-250m gallery of the Horonobe URL, northern Hokkaido, Japan. Results of its preliminary analysis by the analytical solution retrieved from one-dimensional advection-dispersion equation indicate that a fracture surface in mudstone has both reversible and irreversible sorption characteristics for Cs$$^{+}$$ and Sr$$^{2+}$$ but only irreversible that for Co$$^{2+}$$ and Eu$$^{3+}$$.
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