Hydrogenation of anodized aluminum and crystal growth of formed hydride at high pressure and high temperature
齋藤 寛之; 加藤 誠一*; 片桐 昌彦*
Saito, Hiroyuki; Kato, Seiichi*; Katagiri, Masahiko*
Anodized aluminum samples with different surface oxide layer thicknesses (approximately 0.3 and 3 $$mu$$m) were hydrogenated at 9 GPa and 600$$^{circ}$$C for 24 h. A few large crystals of AlH$$_{3}$$, less than 50 $$mu$$m in particle size, were formed when the aluminum sample with the thicker oxide layer was hydrogenated, whereas the sample with the thinner oxide layer was uniformly hydrogenated to form AlH$$_{3}$$ crystals less than 10 $$mu$$m in particle size. It is likely that the surface oxide layer inhibits not only the hydrogenation reaction of aluminum but also the spontaneous nucleation of AlH$$_{3}$$.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Materials Transactions
: 55
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ページ数 : p.1114 - 1116
発行年月 : 2014/08
出版社名 : 日本金属学会
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分野:Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
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