Preparing of novel fibrous ligand exchange adsorbent for rapid column-mode trace phosphate removal from water
Awual, M. R.; Shenashen, M. A.*; 城 昭典*; 塩飽 秀啓; 矢板 毅
Awual, M. R.; Shenashen, M. A.*; Jo, Akinori*; Shiwaku, Hideaki; Yaita, Tsuyoshi
We developed a potentially high performance adsorbent for sustainable treatment of soluble inorganic trace phosphate from water by zirconium(IV) loaded bifunctional fibers. In the presence of common chloride and sulfate, phosphate adsorption was not adversely affected but slightly enhanced due to coion and Donnan invasion mechanism. Trace phosphorus (0.0143 mM) was also removed in presence of relatively high amounts of competing anions at high feed flow rate. In competitive arsenate and phosphate adsorption, this novel adsorbent slightly preferred phosphate to arsenate. The adsorbent is reversible and keeps remaining functionality to further reuse in many cycles.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
: 20
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ページ数 : p.2840 - 2847
発行年月 : 2014/09
出版社名 : Elsevier
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分野:Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
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