Application of three-dimensional laser scanning data to acquire geometrical data for fractured rock mass modeling
早野 明; 松川 瞬*; Xu, Z.*; 板倉 賢一*
Hayano, Akira; Matsukawa, Shun*; Xu, Z.*; Itakura, Kenichi*
In generally, the geological observation of a gallery wall is performed based on geologists' traditional techniques. However, to reduce the differences in data quality attributable to geologists' individual judgments and experiences, it is necessary to provide a method to acquire objective data that are unaffected by a geologist's subjectivity. It is also necessary to reduce the work volume associated with geological observations of gallery walls. Three-dimensional laser scanning (3DLS) is useful as a means for achieving this goal. In this study, acquisition of geometric data of fractures distributed on the gallery wall has been conducted using 3DLS data while clarifying the geological observation data necessary for modeling of a fractured rock mass. The acquired geometric data of fractures were compared with data acquired by a geologist. Consequently, the fractures were extracted by visible reading of images generated from 3DLS data, then geometric data was generated.
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発行年月 : 2014/10
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開催年月 : 2014/10
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