Investigation of single-event damages on silicon carbide (SiC) power MOSFETs
水田 栄一*; 久保山 智司*; 阿部 浩之; 岩田 佳之*; 田村 貴志*
Mizuta, Eiichi*; Kuboyama, Satoshi*; Abe, Hiroshi; Iwata, Yoshiyuki*; Tamura, Takashi*
Radiation effects in silicon carbide power MOSFETs caused by heavy ion and proton irradiation were investigated. In the case of ions with high LET, permanent damage (increase in both drain and gate leakage current with increasing LET) was observed and the behavior is similar to the permanent damage observed for SiC Schottky Barrier diodes in our previous study. In the case of ions with low LET, including protons, Single Event Burnouts (SEBs) were observed suddenly although there was no increase in leakage current just before SEBs. The behavior has not been observed for Si devices and thus, the behavior is unique for SiC devices.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
: 61
: 4
ページ数 : p.1924 - 1928
発行年月 : 2014/08
出版社名 : IEEE
発表会議名 : Radiation Effects on Components and Systems 2013 (RADECS 2013)
開催年月 : 2013/09
開催都市 : Oxford
開催国 : U. K.
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キーワード : Heavy ions; power MOSFETs; single-event effects; radiation damage; silicon carbide; SiC
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