Study on numerical simulation of bubble and dissolved gas behavior in liquid metal flow
伊藤 啓; 田中 正暁; 大野 修司; 大島 宏之
Ito, Kei; Tanaka, Masaaki; Ohno, Shuji; Ohshima, Hiroyuki
In a sodium-cooled fast reactor, inert gas (bubbles or dissolved gas) exists in the primary coolant system. Such inert gas may cause disturbance in reactivity and/or degradation of IHX performance, and therefore, the inert gas behaviors have to be investigated to ensure the stable operation of a fast reactor. The authors have developed a plant dynamics code SYRENA to simulate the concentration distributions of the dissolved gas and the bubbles in a fast reactor. In this study, the models in SYRENA code are improved to achieve accurate simulations. Moreover, new models are introduced to simulate the various bubble behaviors in liquid metal flows. To validate the improved models and the newly developed models, the inert gas behaviors in the large-scale sodium-cooled reactor are simulated. As a result, it is confirmed that the complicated bubble dynamics in each component can be simulated appropriately by SYRENA code.
使用言語 : English
報告書番号 : JAEA-Research 2014-023
ページ数 : 34 Pages
発行年月 : 2014/11
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キーワード : Fast Reactor; Inert Gas; Gas Bubble; Liquid Metal Flow; SYRENA
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