Evaluation of neutron nuclear data on iodine isotopes
柴田 恵一
Shibata, Keiichi
Neutron nuclear data on 6 isotopes of iodine have been evaluated for the next release of JENDL general purpose file in the energy region from 10$$^{-5}$$ eV to 20 MeV. Except for $$^{127,129}$$I, the thermal capture cross sections were determined from a simplified formula. Unresolved resonance parameters were obtained for self-shielding calculations. On the other hand, a statistical model code CCONE was applied to calculate cross sections above the resolved resonance region. Coupled-channel optical-model potentials were employed for the interaction between neutrons and nuclei. The $$gamma$$-ray strength functions for iodine isotopes were determined so as to reproduce measured $$gamma$$-ray spectrum for $$^{127}$$I. The presently evaluated results are consistent with available experimental data, and found to be much better than the JENDL-4.0 evaluation. The evaluated data are compiled into ENDF formatted data files.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology
: 52
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ページ数 : p.1174 - 1185
発行年月 : 2015/09
出版社名 : Taylor & Francis
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キーワード : ヨウ素; 核データ; JENDL; 断面積
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分野:Nuclear Science & Technology
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