Evaluation of $$gamma$$-ray strength function based on measured neutron capture $$gamma$$-ray spectra
岩本 信之
Iwamoto, Nobuyuki
Gamma-ray Strength Function (GSF) is one of the important ingredients to describe $$gamma$$-ray emissions in nuclear reaction. In order to fix the GSF, it is valuable to measure photoneutron cross sections and neutron capture $$gamma$$-ray spectra. The latter has been systematically measured at Tokyo Institute of Technology, where the capture cross sections have been derived in the 10-100 keV and $$sim$$550 keV energy ranges. In this study those capture $$gamma$$-ray spectra and cross sections of isotopes from Fe to Au were calculated by nuclear reaction calculation code CCONE. This code now takes into account various types of GSF (e.g., standard Lorentzian, enhanced generalized Lorentzian, and modified Lorentzian forms). We evaluated the validity of calculated capture $$gamma$$-ray spectra and also cross sections on the basis of different GSFs, comparing them with the experimental data. We will report the evaluated results.
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