Evaluation of delayed neutron data of the photo-fission
村田 徹; 岩本 信之; 小迫 和明*
Murata, Toru; Iwamoto, Nobuyuki; Kosako, Kazuaki*
Development of non-destructive assay technique of nuclear materials is required for the nuclear safeguard and nuclear security, especially for high level radioactive wastes such as vitrified solids. For these objects, irradiation of high transparent rays and detection of fission responses with high discrimination are required and will be attained with high energy photon irradiation and delayed neutron detections. To study the feasibility of the methods and to design the apparatus, the delayed neutron data will be requested. Their evaluation was performed approximately by utilizing neutron induced fission delayed neutron data of JENDL-4.0 for the same compound nucleus as the photo-fission. If the same compound nucleus data were not available, group delayed neutron intensities (say six or so groups) were calculated with the method given by Brady and England with the cumulative fission yields systematics given by Wahl. The present results will be given at the symposium.
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掲載資料名 : JAEA-Conf 2015-003
ページ数 : p.237 - 242
発行年月 : 2016/03
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発表会議名 : 2014年度核データ研究会
開催年月 : 2014/11
開催都市 : 札幌
開催国 : 日本
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