Photonuclear data file
岩本 信之; 小迫 和明*; 村田 徹*
Iwamoto, Nobuyuki; Kosako, Kazuaki*; Murata, Toru*
Photonuclear data have been required to propose non-destructive assay and high energy $$gamma$$-ray therapy as well as shielding design of an electron accelerator facility. A new photonuclear data file has been developed to take into account a wide variety of use. Nuclear data of stable light nuclides from Li to Ca were evaluated with experimental data and nuclear structural data. For nuclides above Ca, the photon absorption cross sections were calculated with GDR and QD model by nuclear reaction model codes, ALICE-F and CCONE. The incident photon energy covers the range up to 140 MeV. The data included absorption, particle production yield and nuclide production cross sections, and energy-angle differential cross sections of emitted particles. The new version has the nuclear data of 181 nuclides. In addition, an extended version is also planned to be released, in which systematic calculations by the ALICE-F code were performed for ~2500 nuclides other than those included in standard file.
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掲載資料名 : JAEA-Conf 2016-004
ページ数 : p.53 - 58
発行年月 : 2016/09
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発表会議名 : 2015年度核データ研究会
開催年月 : 2015/11
開催都市 : 東海
開催国 : 日本
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