HTTR(高温工学試験研究炉)の試験・運転と技術開発; 2014年度
Operation, test, research and development of the High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR); FY2014
Department of HTTR
The HTTR constructed at the Oarai Research and Development Center of the JAEA is the first HTGR in Japan. The HTTR was attained at the full power operation of 30MW in December 2001 and achieved the 950 degrees C of coolant outlet temperature at outside of the reactor pressure vessel in June 2004. In fiscal year 2014, we started to apply the application document of reactor installation license for the HTTR to prove conformity with the new research reactor's safety regulatory requirements taken effect from December 2013. We had been making effort to restart the HTTR which was stopped since the 2011 when the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake occurred. This report summarizes activities and results of HTTR operation, maintenance, and several research and developments, which were carried out in the fiscal year 2014.
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