Boron release kinetics from mixed melts of boron carbide, stainless steel and Zircaloy; A Literature review on the behavior of control rod materials under severe accidents
炭化ホウ素, ステンレス鋼及びジルカロイの溶融体からのホウ素放出速度; シビアアクシデント時の制御材炭化ホウ素挙動に係る文献調査
Di Lemma, F. G.; 三輪 周平; 逢坂 正彦
Di Lemma, F. G.; Miwa, Shuhei; Osaka, Masahiko
During a nuclear power plant Severe Accident, complex boron melts can be formed, due to interaction of the control rods with the cladding materials. These can affect ultimately the source term assessment. This review will describe the results of previous studies on boron carbide/stainless steel/Zircaloy (B$$_{4}$$C/SS/Zry) melts, which will finally provide guidance for the needs of future experiments. This review showed that models for the behavior of complex B$$_{4}$$C/SS/Zry melts are limited, and unsuccessful in simulating core degradation, thus the improvement of the database for B$$_{4}$$C/SS/Zry melts is needed. Our experimental plan aims in providing thermodynamics and kinetics models for such melts, with the final aim of improving boron modelling in SA codes analysis and of understanding its effect on fission products behavior.
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報告書番号 : JAEA-Review 2016-007
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発行年月 : 2016/03
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キーワード : Severe accident; Boron Carbide; Fission products; Release kinetics; Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident; 福島第一原子力発電所事故
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