J-PARC安全管理年報; 2014年度
Annual report on the activities of safety in J-PARC, FY2014
J-PARCセンター 安全ディビジョン 放射線安全セクション
Safety Division, Radiation Safety Section, J-PARC Center
This annual report describes the activities on radiation safety and general safety in Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) in FY 2014. Activities on radiation safety such as radiation control in each facility, environmental monitoring, individual monitoring, maintenance of monitoring instruments and other activities on radiation matters are represented, and activities of general safety such as safety committees, meetings, lectures, trainings and periodical checks are described. The technological developments and research on safety issues are also summarized in the last section. The safety management system of J-PARC was improved after the radioactive material leak incident of the Hadron Facility on May 2013. In addition the annual report on safety has not been issued after the publication of the "Annual report for FY2011 on the Activities of Radiation Safety in J-PARC". Therefore we have partially mentioned the trend on J-PARC safety from FY2012 to FY2013 in this report.
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