Probing surface distributions of $$alpha$$ clusters in $$^{20}$$Ne via $$alpha$$-transfer reaction
福井 徳朗; 谷口 億宇*; 須原 唯広*; 延与 佳子*; 緒方 一介*
Fukui, Tokuro; Taniguchi, Yasutaka*; Suhara, Tadahiro*; Enyo, Yoshiko*; Ogata, Kazuyuki*
Direct evidence of the $$alpha$$-cluster development has not been obtained yet although it was carried out a number of experimental studies attempting to extract the information of the clustering. We aim to verify the development of the $$alpha$$-cluster structure from observables. As a first application, it is argued how to extract the spatial information of the cluster structure of $$^{20}$$Ne through the cross section of $$^{16}$$O($$^6$$Li,$$d$$)$$^{20}$$Ne. For the analysis of the transfer reaction, we work with the coupled-channels Born approximation (CCBA) approach, in which the breakup effects of $$^6$$Li are taken into account by means of the continuum-discretized coupled-channels method (CDCC). The microscopic cluster model (MCM) with the generator coordinate method (GCM) is adopted to calculate the $$alpha$$-$$^{16}$$O wave function. We show that our calculation gives a significant improvement of the prediction on the transfer cross section to be consistent with experimental data. It is found that the surface region of the cluster wave function is sensitive to the cross section.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Journal of Physics; Conference Series
: 863
: 1
ページ数 : p.012036_1 - 012036_3
発行年月 : 2017/07
出版社名 : Institute of Physics
発表会議名 : 11th International Conference on Clustering Aspects of Nuclear Structure and Dynamics (Clusters '16)
開催年月 : 2016/05
開催都市 : Naples
開催国 : Italy
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