IAEA ENVIRONETへの関与及び鉱山跡措置に係る海外事例調査
Involvement in IAEA ENVIRONET and research on overseas reference cases regarding environmental remediation of closed uranium mine
齊藤 宏
Saito, Hiroshi
Environmental remediation has been conducted in closed Ningyo-toge Uranium Mine, after decades of mine-related activities. During the remediation, whole procedure, priority, necessary investigations and specific methods have been examined, and issues are clarified which should be solved in the future. For that, it has been recommended that opinions are exchanged among specialists in related fields overseas, and information and their experience are referred. As part of the activities, Ningyo-toge Environmental Engineering Center has been involved continuously in IAEA ENVIRONET, multinational network for environmental remediation. Also, bonds are tightened among participants and IAEA by exchanging opinions and sharing the issues. In parallel, literature survey has been conducted to supplement the information obtained through ENVIRONET and to clarify additionally-required information and targeted sites. The expected information are obtained from the site-visits and now being organized.
使用言語 : Japanese
報告書番号 : JAEA-Review 2016-009
ページ数 : 80 Pages
発行年月 : 2016/07
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キーワード : IAEA ENVIRONET; 鉱山跡措置; 休止ウラン鉱山; 鉱さいたい積場; 海外事例; 文献調査; 現地調査
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