Measurements of americium isotopes by activation method at KURRI-Linac
中村 詔司; 寺田 和司; 高橋 佳之*; 佐野 忠史*; 堀 順一*
Nakamura, Shoji; Terada, Kazushi; Takahashi, Yoshiyuki*; Sano, Tadafumi*; Hori, Junichi*
Neutron capture cross section measurements has been conducted for Minor Actinides (MAs) under the research project entitled by "Research and development for Accuracy Improvement of neutron nuclear data on Minor ACtinides (AIMAC)". The present work selected two americium isotopes, $$^{241}$$Am and $$^{243}$$Am, were selected, and measurements were carried out by an activation method with neutron sources at KURRI-Linac. It was found that the neutron flux at the target positon was of the order of 10$$^{8}$$ (n/cm$$^{2}$$s). The reaction rates of $$^{241}$$Am and $$^{243}$$Am were obtained by $$alpha$$- and $$gamma$$-ray measurements of the irradiated Am samples.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : KURRI Progress Report 2015
ページ数 : P. 69
発行年月 : 2016/08
出版社名 : 京都大学原子炉実験所
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キーワード : Americium 241; Americium 243; Activation Method; KURRI-Linac; Neutron Cross Section
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論文投稿番号 : 18045
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