Experimental setup and procedure for the measurement of the $$^{7}$$Be(n, $$alpha$$)$$alpha$$ reaction at n_TOF
n_TOF施設における$$^{7}$$Be(n, $$alpha$$)$$alpha$$反応研究のための測定装置開発
Cosentino, L.*; Musumarra, A.*; Barbagallo, M.*; Pappalardo, A.*; 原田 秀郎 ; 木村 敦; n_TOF Collaboration*; 他126名*
Cosentino, L.*; Musumarra, A.*; Barbagallo, M.*; Pappalardo, A.*; Harada, Hideo; Kimura, Atsushi; n_TOF Collaboration*; 126 of others*
The newly built second experimental area EAR2 of the n_TOF spallation neutron source at CERN allows to perform (n, charged particles) experiments on short-lived highly radioactive targets. This paper describes a detection apparatus and the experimental procedure for the determination of the cross-section of the $$^{7}$$ Be(n, $$alpha$$) reaction, which represents one of the focal points toward the solution of the cosmological Lithium abundance problem, and whose only measurement, at thermal energy, dates back to 1963. This newly developed setup could likely be useful also to study other challenging reactions requiring the detectors to be installed directly in the neutron beam.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A
: 830
ページ数 : p.197 - 205
発行年月 : 2016/09
出版社名 : Elsevier
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キーワード : nuclear data measurement; neutron time-of-flight
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受委託・共同研究相手機関 : n\_TOF国際共同研究
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