Applicability of polyvinylpolypyrrolidone adsorbent to treatment process of wastes containing uranium
大橋 裕介; 原田 雅幸*; 浅沼 徳子*; 安藤 詞音; 田中 祥雄; 池田 泰久*
Ohashi, Yusuke; Harada, Masayuki*; Asanuma, Noriko*; Ando, Shion; Tanaka, Yoshio; Ikeda, Yasuhisa*
In order to assess the feasibility of method for recovering U from wastes containing uranium (scrap uranium) using polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) adsorbent, we have examined the adsorption and desorption behavior of metal species in HCl aqueous solutions dissolving scrap uranium. It was found that the U(VI) species are selectively adsorbed onto PVPP regardless of the presence of a large amount of Na(I) and Al(III), that the adsorbed U(VI) species are desorbed from PVPP column selectively by water. Pure uranium was efficiently recovered from the eluates. From these results, the PVPP resin is expected to be used as the adsorbent in the treatment process of scrap uranium.
使用言語 : English
掲載資料名 : Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
: 311
: 1
ページ数 : p.491 - 502
発行年月 : 2017/01
出版社名 : Springer
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分野:Chemistry, Analytical
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