Effect of twin boundary on crack propagation behavior in magnesium binary alloys; Experimental and calculation studies
マグネシウム二元系合金のき裂進展挙動に対する双晶境界の影響; 実験と計算による研究
染川 英俊*; 都留 智仁
Somekawa, Hidetoshi*; Tsuru, Tomohito
The impact of alloying elements on crack propagation and atomistic phenomenon at {10$$bar{1}$$2}-type twin boundaries in magnesium was investigated via both experiments and calculations. The alloying elements clearly affected crack propagation behavior. Cracks were difficult to propagate along matrix-deformation twinning interfaces in alloys that had high fracture toughness. In such magnesium alloys, the solute atoms, e.g., silver, manganese and zinc atoms, create adhesive interactions between magnesium atoms. Closed-shell and covalent-like bonding of these kinds of solute atoms would influence strong adhesion, which impedes the nucleation of a new surface at the twin boundary.
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