Safety evaluation of accident tolerant fuel with SiC/SiC cladding
佐藤 寿樹*; 武内 豊*; 垣内 一雄*; 山下 真一郎; 永瀬 文久
Sato, Hisaki*; Takeuchi, Yutaka*; Kakiuchi, Kazuo*; Yamashita, Shinichiro; Nagase, Fumihisa
Since JFY2015, new Japanese national program has been initiated for the purpose of establishing the technical basis to apply ATF for the existing LWRs. SiC is one of ATF candidates material and the comprehensive applicability is being studied in the program, such as fuel rod design, core and plant design, safety evaluation for design basis accident (DBA) and severe accident (SA) as well. As one of the works in the program, the new procedure including fuel rod performance analysis during DBA was developed and the preliminary analysis was conducted. As a result, it was concluded that the typical transient and LOCA behavior between Zircaloy and SiC was not so much different.
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掲載資料名 : Proceedings of 2017 Water Reactor Fuel Performance Meeting (WRFPM 2017) (USB Flash Drive)
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発行年月 : 2017/09
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発表会議名 : 2017 Water Reactor Fuel Performance Meeting (WRFPM 2017)
開催年月 : 2017/09
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開催国 : Korea
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キーワード : ATF; SiC; DBA
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